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We are a digital office comprised of an elite group of marketing, content and advertising professionals. Our expertise: Creating quality content and managing smart campaigns that lead to amazing results, time after time

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About Malis Digital

Malis is a digital advertising, marketing, and content agency, established in 2012, providing content, advertising, and internet marketing services, and, marketing consulting to companies and businesses in Israel.

With over 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing for the Israeli public, writing, editing and managing content in the press and on the Internet, we produce quality content in Hebrew and manage smart campaigns by thorough research, clear and precise messaging, accurate segmentation of the target audience, and choosing the correct platform for one’s campaign.

An Elite Team from the Journalism and Advertising Sectors in Israel

Our team consists of professionals of content, design, creative, website building, advertising, and marketing. Our expertise is everything related to marketing and digital advertising to the Israeli public, including content, design, and development – while maintaining the highest of standards, until the completion of each project.

Our services include branding and graphic design, marketable content writing in Hebrew, website and landing page development, newsletter production, content management for social networks, campaign management and advertising on Facebook and Instagram, promotion of articles on Outbrain and Taboola, marketing consulting, and writing and editing content for a variety of websites.

Malis is led by Mali Sandler Beker – senior editor, content writer and manager with vast experience in national press and comprehensive knowledge in the field of online marketing and advertising. Mali has a Law Degree and a Master’s Degree in commercial law from Tel Aviv University, and holds a degree in Advertising and New Media from McCann Erickson Israel. 

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